ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Buy 3 Fake Pee kits & Get 1 Free!

To help celebrate this summer we've launched a brand new offer, now we are giving away 1 free regular Quick Fix fake pee kit with the online purchase of any 3 Quick Fix or Quick Fix PLUS fake pee kits (includes Canadian Quick Fix). This offer is valid til 7/27/2014

Canadian Quick Fix PLUS


Buy Canadian Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine, the only synthetic urine which contains uric acid.  Our synthetic urine is top quality and 100% authentic Quick Fix.  This Canadian version of Quick Fix PLUS is the same original formula, only now it contains uric acid in the ingredients.

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Product Description

We’re proud to offer authentic Canadian Quick Fix PLUS 6.0 synthetic urine, the only synthetic urine that contains uric acid for added protection.  Order now and get your hands on this miracle kit which includes 3 ounces of synthetic urine and all the tools needed to use it properly.  You’ll receive detailed instructions for use and everything else you need. This new Quick Fix 6.0 version has the uric acid pre mixed for you so all the work is done! simply pour and go.

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