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Quick Fix Plus Reviews 2012

Read all real Quick Fix Plus reviews 2012. We’ve made an easy to use place to leave Quick Fix Plus reviews in 2012. Submit your review of Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine or read real reviews from others. Most people who use Quick Fix Plus are looking for a place to leave their positive and truthful reviews for others to read. Our open discussion forum of reviews allows you to do just that!

We are excited to offer a place for real people to leave real reviews.  We ask that you follow a few simple rules while leaving your Quick Fix Plus reviews.

  • When writing your review, remember that Quick Fix Plus is sold only as a novelty product.  We do not support the use of Quick Fix Plus for actual lawfully and professionally administered drug tests.  Please do not refer to passing a drug test unless you are referring to self administered(At home) style drug tests for your own personal use.
  • Leave a truthful review and do not make up any stories or exaggerate.
  • Be nice to other reviewers.  If you are going to comment on a review from another user, please show respect and be courteous.
  • Do not leave reviews containing adult language or promoting any illegal activity.  Your review will be edited if you do not follow this rule.
  • Quick Fix Plus Reviews are for the sole purpose of education.  We do not endorse the reviews on this page.

If everyone leaves truthful quick fix plus reviews 2012 then readers of these reviews will be able to make an informed decision.  The purpose of this page and reviews are to help educate those who are not familiar with the success and details of Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine.  Please refrain from promoting other brands of synthetic urine other than Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus.

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Quick Fix Plus Reviews 2012, 4.1 out of 5 based on 18 ratings


  1. My review of Quick Fix is that it works like a charm, enough said.

  2. William K. says:

    I’ve bought Quick Fix 2 times now and it’s worked both times. The hardest part is just getting the temperature to the right degrees but if you follow the directions then its a piece of cake. The bottle that comes with Quick Fix is a little bulky but I went to my local hardware store and bought a short little hose which i attached to the end of the bottle and used as a squirter, it made it much easier to use.

  3. B. Clydens says:

    Wouldn’t go with any other fake pee brand besides Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, its never failed me but i’ve had friend who bought the cheaper brands trying to save a few bucks and none of them have worked. If your serious then why not pay for something that works.

  4. Quick Fix worked for me!!

  5. I just took the test with Quick Fix Plus and everything went smooth. The temp was right on when i turned it in and now im crossing my fingers, I should know the results in a few days I think. The one thing im worried about is that I had heated it up yesterday because i thought the test was yesterday but it ended up being today and so i re-heated it, does anyone know if i’ll have any problems?

    • I’ve read online that you can heat it up and then re-use it without problems but never tried it myself. I’ve always just heated it up when it was time to test. Good luck!

    • I did the same thing and it worked fine for me, passed no problems. Keep us updated!

    • I think your screwed buddy, your not supposed to heat the Quick Fix until your ready to use it, hahahaha

      • Dude what’s your problem, are you trying to scare this guy? Don’t worry Hector, as long as everything else was done right then it will work. Lee is just busting your balls, he’s obviously a young child.

        I’ve used Quick Fix and have done the same thing as you and it never failed.

  6. Dillon James says:

    Awesome product and great website, thanks for your help! I already told my buddy about your site and hes planning to get some Quick Fix soon.

  7. I bought Quick FIx Plus because it worked for a friend of mine and it worked for me too. It was a little sketchy because I thought they were gona watch me go pee but they ended up not watching me but I just poured the leftover in the toilet to make it sound like I really peed, hehe.

  8. i have a drug test for a city job coming up and i want to know if this stuff really works. come on guys help me out. Is this bullshit or does quick fix really work?

  9. Does Maryland check uric acid? I have quick fix plus will I be ok testing in Maryland ?

  10. so i just bought this Quick Fix Plus cause i have a drug test on Sunday.. Im super sketched about this.. Will it really work and will i come out negative on my test??? HELP!!

  11. I have used this product several times and it works! Pay close attention to the temperature advice. If you follow the instructions exactly, you will have no problems.

    *note- if you heat it up or leave it in your car SOME will eveaporate. You need about as much that comes in the bottle for the test, so just keep that in mind.

  12. Has anyone failed there drug test in california using the canadian version of quick fix? How would I really know if this stuff really works? My career depends on it.

  13. Excellent product, followed the exact instructions But. Stop by a gas Station, use their microwave to warm up the Quick Fix for 20 seconds( put it in a del taco bag/food bag) and don’t take off the lid! Certain labs can make u wait 3 or 4 minutes, mine maid me wait 6 minutes after I checked in and I STILL passed! Got the Job of a LifeTime. I used version 10 Quick Fix Plus, It Worked For Me!

  14. It worked!!!! I was so nervous that it would not work bc of the type of test I was taking. I took an ETG test for alcahol and it really worked. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is iffy about it. Definitely worth the money!

  15. I had to take a drug screen for work. i am a very heavy smoker and have been for many years. i bought quick fix plus and I must say it is what they claim to be. Very easy to follow and use, I got my results back, negative, it really works.

  16. chris mease says:

    hi im just wondering if you can mix the bottles. like if you have some left over, can you pour it into another quickfix bottle??

  17. I was sweating bullets, but it worked excellent. Got an excellent job thanks to quick fix. Would not hesitate to use it again.

  18. casper berg says:

    Is there a recall on quick fix plus? I visited their website and it seems there could be something wrong with certain batch. Is stated to send it back in for a refund. I purchased it today and my test is tomorrow! IT SAYS: Product Warnings: All customers holding Quick Fix products with formula numbers below 5.7.1 . My product has formula 5.7-1? Please advise

  19. I have used Quick fix plus a dozen times, without fail, on tests that are read instantly. Like the cup or a dip. But I’ve never tried it in a situation where it would be sent off to a lab for analysis. Does it work just as well if it’s sent off?? Anyone with experience, please reply! Thanks!

  20. doesthis work in lab testing?

  21. I heard AIT lab. is one of the best wich is were mine will be sent. will quick fix work with them?

  22. Whats the difference between QF plus and QF 5.7.1? I just got the product and tested last week with 5.7.1. I just got it so I thought it was up to date. LabCorp is testing it. Am i Ok??

    • Plus only means size,both units are version 5.7-1 the only difference is a 2oz bottle or a 3oz plus size! your golden.ADMIN

  23. I use quick fix plus every week to pass my drug test, mine gets sent out to a lab and I pass everytime, I also use a whizinator just to be safe but I’ve never had any problems

    • Cool and thank you for the review,Quick Fix 5.7 is by far the best synthetic urine one could purchase and it works well with other urine delivery systems.ADMIN

  24. I’ve used it once before and it worked just used it today again and I’m waiting for my results… Really stressed out still but I’m sure I will be fine. The tempature was spot on

  25. I applied for a job in Southern California for a government contractor. I want to use quick fix but I’m really worried. I don’t think the test will be monitored but if you think otherwise please let me know. I know there’s three or four types of test they do depending on how much the company is willing to pay. This company doesn’t mess around I’m sure they won’t mind paying top dollar. Should I use quick fix and will it pass all test? I have read that many people have tested as nonhuman urine why does this occur? Are there any test the quickfix can’t pass? And what else can they fail you for besides the temperature? I’m really worried and will like to hear your opinion thanks for helping out!!!

    • Hi Cody, what were your results? I will be working for an airline so also government testing I just bought the canadian version I just want to ease my nerves. Thanks!

      • Sorry that was for NICK

        • I live in ca and I just got quick fix plus in the mail today. It was the Canadian version with the bottle of vile acid. Just curious if anyone has used this stuff with the vile acid. Do you mix it? Also I got a good version its not one of the bad batches.

          • The stuff will work for sure dump it in and it will disolve in seconds, do not second guess the results the stuff is legit.

  26. Does Colorado test for uric acid?

    • Yes there are a few labs that have tested for uric acid in CO, make sure you order the Canadian version with uric acid to be safe.ADMIN

  27. I took a lab test today..I hope I passed :)

  28. i took a lad test today with data poole for walmart. does va test for uric acid? should i be ok?

    • Vonna you should be just fine you will pass,VA does not test for uric acid at the moment we only ship the normal Quick Fix 5.7 out there and everyone is passing the dreaded drug test with flying colors.ADMIN

      • I have a drug test on the 4th of feb in va and i am skeptical bout this but i know i wont pass does it really work?? I am goin to order it wed or thurs of this week please help me i need this job and i need to pass but i need to know which version is the best for va testing please help me

        • If you are in VA you require the normal Quick Fix 5.7 version,There is no reason to be skeptical read the forum posts we have been in business for 9 years and have sold millions of units of Quick Fix over that period of time.Quick Fix synthetic urine is a unisex synthetic urine that will pass any lab screen ecup icup etc…every unit is pre tested and comes with proper ph balance,creatine,specific gravity,color etc….Please view our video here as well and see how easy it is to use.ADMIN

  29. I have an upcoming drug test in Kansas for a job and diversion. Will quick fix work for me in Kansas? Or do I need a different kind of quick fix? I saw the other reviews and an just worried using it in the state of Kansas.

    • Yes I am 100% sure Quick Fix 5.7 will work for you just get the normal version as we sell thousands to the KS area.ADMIN

  30. I have an upcoming drug test I’m Wisconsin, will the regular qf work for me or should I get the Canadian one. Please help I really need to pass

    • The regular Quick Fix 5.7 is what we are shipping and have been shipping to WI for years now,simply use the Quick Fix 5.7 normal version and you will pass your screen.ADMIN

  31. Brookebabybomb says:

    I have a drug test coming up on the 19th of Dec. and the job is for a medical assistant at the county hospital. I have friends who have gone through the hiring process and I’m told I can go in by myself just no personal belongings. I smoke a lot of marijuana. A lot 3-5 grams a day. If not more. So I know if I quit I will not be clean and I don’t want to try and detox and not still be clean. So I want to use the synthetic urine. But I need reassurement. Someone please help. I heard that quickFix works. I just want to know for sure . Any comments anyone.?

  32. Brookebabybomb says:

    & which one should I use? I’m not sure what medical assustants are tested for? Please help! ASAP!

  33. I just ordered 5 bottles of quick fix. Still worried that my career is on the line. I work for chevron and I know for a fact they don’t watch you urine. Does it have to be 5.7 because I don’t see that anywhere on the box. By the way I ordered it from ventures… Got a real good deal for like a bill.

  34. I was curious about the quick fix 5.7 I had a shipment of quick fix come in about a month ago. I don’t recall seeing 5.7 on it.. Does this matter. I also work for chevron and I know for a fact they don’t watch you pee. Am I good??

  35. Louisiana

  36. Getting ready for a test in CO. Got Canadian batch #p10aa-12. I should be good to go?

  37. Brookebabybomb says:

    I am in San bernardino county California

    • What was your question if you needed Canadian or normal version? You are in Ca so you must you the Canadian version with uric acid this is very important for labs down south.ADMIN

  38. thanks admin!!!

  39. How about ABQ, New Mexico? Thanks in advance!

  40. I have a screen goin through medtox and I think it gets sent to Minneapolis. I have the regular version 5.7 should I be fine?

  41. I just took a UA yesterday at Work Care in Utah.. i used the quickfix 5.7.. usually they give me the results right away but for some reason she decided to send it off to the lab and stamped PENDING on my paper work..The new job im trying to get said they will get ahold of me when this comes back. Am i ok??

  42. Amen QF!!! Won’t ever buy anything else it’s a true life saver!! Thanks again admin!

  43. i just bought quick fix plus 5.7-1 and the company i am going to work for test new employees . i have never used quick fix and some labs are looking into fake pee. i do not not know which one . i live in Maryland . please help.

    • Ok if you are in Maryland you will be fine they are not testing for fake pee in any labs up there trust me.As long as you have the Quick Fix 5.7 you will pass any lab drug screen.ADMIN

  44. Admin: my test will be in AZ with quest diagnostics…which version of the product should I use?

  45. What version for quest lab in Missouri?

  46. i bought qf the other day, came with a 2 0z bottle and a separate container. Containing what looks like salt? the interactions were to mix this and re pour back into the 2 0z.. is this legit and will it work ?!?!?!?!

  47. I’m in Texas.. And am testing through ARClabratorys. On my UA before it was a simple 5-panel dip stick. Anyway, what version would be best for me.? Thanks ahead.

  48. I just used a version that came with the smaller capsule but I forgot to mix it in.

    In WA state, am I fucked?

  49. Which version will I need in Rhode Island?

  50. I bought QF earlier today and after reading all this , I’m alittle worried. Does Georgia check for the uric acids everyone is talking about? I would hate to fail a test because it comes up as “In-human.”

  51. My test will be in Maryland. Which product do you recommend I use?

  52. Hello ADMIN,
    I see that the Canadian version is not required in TX, but suppose I use the Canadian version with the uric acid here in TX. Would the test results be different then if I used the regular 5.7 version? I am asking this because, lets say I just want to make sure all the bases are covered just in case for some reason the lab it is sent to decides to start testing for uric acid, and if the lab doesn’t test for uric acid would it just be like a bonus ingredient?

    • Here is the deal the Canadian version with uric acid is not required for testing in TX but you never know if they could possibly send it out of state to be tested.If I were you I would you the Canadian version because it can NOT hurt you because there is uric acid in all human pee male and female.ADMIN

  53. which one should be used in upstate ny

  54. Kevin brooks says:

    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Are there any smoke shops in the Southern California area that sell Quick Fix the Canadian version??? I’ve tried several and no one has it and they are clueless that the Canadian version is the only one that will pass in California !! Please help I don’t have time to order it online due to the holidays!!!! Please anyone??

    • Kev we do not have a direct list most head shops do not carry ot nor do they know anything about uric acid testing!If you puyt an overnight order in now we can have it to you by tomorrow afternoon.ADMIN

  55. does nm test for uric acid?

  56. my husband just had to take a drug test yesterday for his job with the gas company he used quick fix plus we live in pennsylvania, please tell me it will work ??

  57. Jack Reacher says:

    I need to take a drug test in Southern CA.. I understand that I need the quickfix Canadian version correct? Also the last time I took a urine test at this place, they made me NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. And I remember the water inside the toilet was blue. Should I have to worry about getting some of the quickfix inside the toilet bowl? Will it change the blue color? Should I pee in the toilet while I put the quickfix in the test tube? OR should I put some of the quickfix in the blue water toilet bowl?

    • Ok in this situation simply urinate in the toilet bowl,do not worry about putting any Quick Fix in the toilet simply use all the Quick Fix and pour it in the testing cup.ADMIN

  58. Matt Wendtland says:

    Okay so last week i bought the “Magnum Detox” from a friend for like 10 bucks and went to a lab and tested. The lab called me yesterday and told me my sample was to diluted so my test cancelled out. Im going to have to retest next week sometime at the same lab, I’m wondering if “QuickFix Plus” has ever been tested and had the same results? Do you know if this product has ever came back to diluted or will the lab read it as a clean sample. I live in TX as well do i need that Canadian version?

    • Well Matt in your case I would usethe Quick Fix plus Canadian version with uric acid just incase they run multiple test on it.Let me first tell you that your lucky to get a second chance and to be honest Magnum urine is a knockoff company and the urine you used is prob old.If you decide to buy from us you will get a new batch of synthetic urine that will not give you a diluted sample.If you go with the 2oz bottle it will fill the cup exactly to the line,if you purchase the Quick Fix plus version 3oz you will fill their testing cup over the line and this is what I recommend for you so they do not second guess you.ADMIN

  59. Hi just curious does quick fix plus and regular quick fix have any smell to them. I bought a QFplus on online and for some reason I dont remember the regular QF having any smell. Please help.
    Thank you.

    • Shane no synthetic urine on the market really has a urine smell what they are testing for is ph,creatine,specific gravity,color uric acid etc….No one is going to sniff your piss I promise you that,also not everyones urine smells.If you use the Quick Fix 5.7 synthetic urine you will pass you DT trust me.ADMIN

  60. Jack Reacher says:

    What product do I need for L.A., California?

  61. I will soon be taking a drug test to gain employment for a large company in Texas. If unsupervised, quick fix is the easiest way to go right?

  62. Alright. So I’m super terrified because I have a drug screen tomorrow on my lunch. I’m in Portland, OR but work in WA. I have 5.7-1 Canadian batch….hoping to god this will help me pass? I work for a super corporate company. Like…huge…corporate company. Advise?

  63. Which version for Illinois?

  64. Admin, how about Florida? Which version do I need?

    • The normal Quick Fix 5.7 plus version will work for you in FL I guarantee it.If you submitt your order we will provide you with a new batch of urine that was made within the month.Please also note Quick Fix 5.7 has a 2 year shelf life so storing an extra bottle at the house is never a bad idea if you are subject to random testing.ADMIN

  65. Brayden Paulaen says:

    I gotta a test in OR but company is in WA I’m assuming the mill ill be working for will be doing the deed so is Uric testing happening in both states I hope.

  66. Will quick fix 5.7 pass if it is test by Western pathology 1321 broadway scottsbluff ne 69361?

  67. Will quick fix 5.7 pass is test by Western pathology 1321 broadway scottsbluff ne 69361

  68. Is the Canadian version sold in stores as well. I live in Denver will it be hard to find do you think? And if I order it from here how long does ground usually take?

    • Well the Canadian version is somewhat new and most stores do not carry it because they do not know or keep up with drug testing procedures.If you order from us we ship out of CA and standard ground will take 3 days so if you ordered today WED you will have it by Saturday.If you would like another shipping option or would like to view our father site please follow this link and order here it will save you some $.ADMIN

  69. So i have a drug test trmw and its a icup 12 panel that measures for ph, creatine, and gravity. Will quickfix plus work? Also is there any off brands that call them quick fix plus too? Im scared i got a off brand one since i bought it under 45$. The website on the directions say, please help

    • Yes Quick Fix will work I am 100% sure also we are authorized sellers of Quick Fix urine we also own we have a contract with Spectrum Labs.What is the batch number you have located on your directions enclosed in the box? Othe rthan that if you use it you pass it’s that simple believe me.ADMIN

  70. astroHigh says:

    I have a drug test for TSA employment nearing. Not sure of the date, but I recently got fingerprinted on December 28, 2012, so I’m pretty sure my drug test should be occuring soon.
    Going forward, I reside in SF-California, I’m a frequent stoner, I pruchase 2 quarters of purp a day.

    …”detox” drinks seems to only work for certain individuals, NONE have worked for me, only makes me feel nauseated and regurgitation. I’ve come to find out that detox drinks, are 100% over-dose of vitamins and the directions intruct you to drink tons of water because your basically diluting the uric acid. Basically, detox drinks was not effective for Me.

    ..I even entertained the idea of natural detox, but I have been smoking since I was 12 and now at 22, there’s no exercise in the world that can help me now and cleanse within weeks.

    …So, my last resort was a sex toy.. Pissinator, Whizzinator, etc.. But not sure if that will work for a female and what would I wear to conceal the penis? All my jeans and leggings are skin tight.

    ..My last resort, is synthectic urine. I’ve been hearing several comments about QuickFix but some test search for gender hormones. Also, I reside in NorCal (northern california) so should I use the USA brand or canadian brand? I’ve heard from a SoCal (southern california) individual that the USA BRAND QUICKFIX, DID NOT WORK….. but the Canadian version, somehow worked for that indiviudal. Also there are different Quickfix versions, Quickfix plus? 5.7?

    ..I think synethetic urine is the best thing going, but i’m just not sure which brand or version?

  71. I am pre-employment DT for a job in New Hampshire and North Carolina next week. I purchased two bottles of QuickFix 5.7 and was wondering if I should have ordered the Canadian formulation? Both tests are presumably at Quest Diagnostics in both North Carolina and New Hampshire. Any suggestions?

    • No the Canadian version is not required for neither these states or Lab stated above you have the correct version.Simply follow the directions and submitt the Quick Fix 5.7 and I guarantee you that you will pass your test.Please post back and let the forum know that it really does work.ADMIN

  72. Im a little worried i took a pre employment drug test in Des Moines Iowa. I used 5.7.1 i called the lab to wnsure it was still good as it said pk4-11 she told me it was g ood for 2 years. They sent my sample to kansas to be tested in a lab. My paper work says the temp was spot on. Im still worried they sent it off to a lab. It was an escreen 5 panel non dot.

    • No need to worry your batch is good and we send Quick Fix 5.7 to all major labs all accross the U.S,in 9 years we have sold more than 2million units world wide.Take a deep breath you will be fine.ADMIN

      • I hope so, I’ve used it a few times before. Its always worked me. I have several friends that use it, I wouldnt use anything else. I’ll find out here in a few hours and let you know.

        • Is there a site you can go to that tells what states test for uric acid? I realize Iowa is not one and from what i been reading its mostly on the west coast. But i was jist curious and thought that maybe a helpful link for some others. Thanks Admin.

  73. I took a non-DOT pre-employment drug test today at a US HealthWorks in NorCal.

    I used the Canadian Quick Fix 3 ounce. The young female technician drew a line on the cup that was about 3.5 ounces and said fill to the line if I could. I poured in about 2.8 ounces. She took it, noted the temp was in range, asked me to initial & date, and then said “you’re all set.”

    Any feedback regrading having come this far? Am I home free?

  74. So my test will be at Labcorp in Dever do they test for uric do you know? Thanks

  75. I had a friend who recently was rear-ended in his company car. He was sent to take a UA. He took the QF, I doubt the +1 version, but his sample came back as non-human urine. He took his test as Quest. I had another close friend pass 2 times with the QF-5.7. So I trusted it and recommend it to a friend who did not pass with it. Should I just invest in Canadian version just to be safe? We are located in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area) Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Yes I would go with the Canadian version to be safe,it appears perhaps your buddy messed up the perpetration process of the urine kit.We ship Quick Fix out on the TX area daily and have had no such issues,but in a nut shell grab the Canadian version because all human urine contains uric acid so it’s never a bad idea to have it and it can not hurt when it is analyzed.ADMIN

    • Also always call us and confirm your batch number after a Quick Fix purchase so we can assure you it’s ready to go.ADMIN

  76. what is the best lab to use in Oklahoma

    • Well go to Quest or perhaps a small lab like us health works or doctors office,try to find a place that does a escreen ot icup screen for instant results this is best.ADMIN

      • Do you know if Quest always uses instant drug tests? Also, do they test for uric acid in Ohio?

        • Quest actually use a machine never an instant cup but regardless of their method you will pass at Quest with Quick Fix 5.7 synthetic urine.You do NOT require the Canadian version with uric acid in OH but I like they idea of using it and it can not hurt you at all,There is actually uric acid in all human pee so I believe it’s a good idea.Just an fyi once you mix the uric acid crystals in the urine bottle you will have 7 days to use it before it goes bad,if you do not mix it rite away it is ok because the Quick Fix urine has a 2 year shelf life and can be heated and cooled multiple times.ADMIN

  77. Hi I am in WA. I used the QF with the small vile you mix in. Canadian batch F3G-12. Sent into sterling lab I believe. Will I be okay?

  78. One more thing if I use quick fix plus without the vile mix in will I pass a 12 drug test where the results are received in 5 mins?

  79. North Carolina……should i get the canadian version or the standard version???

  80. Live in al . Will b testing for dot and wit will b sent to a lab not sure where! What version do I need?;(

    • DOT are very common test you will be just fine and will pass if you use the Quick Fix 5.7-1 also you might want to grab a 2 pack because if I am correct you are subject to random testing.The nice part about Quick Fix is that it has a 2 year shelf life and it can be heated and cooled multiple times without effecting the sample.ADMIN

  81. I have batch P7L-12. Is that a good one?

  82. I just got back from the store and have the 5.7-1 3 OZ bottle. No other vials included. I am in Central/S CA.
    I will most likely be tested. I am now concerned because I did not get the Canadian version. What should I do, can I order just the little vials of Uric Acid. I really cant spend another $29 but if I have to I will. Arrrgghh!

  83. Does antone know about terminader synthetic urine? I have used quick fix 3 separate times and it has worked.. ccouldn’t find quick fix so bought this stuff and took a test.. it’s sent to medtox and was seeing if I could get some info?

    • I have been in the detox industry for over 9 years and follow it closely and I must say I ahve never heard of that brand? I can only hope for your sake that the ph and creatine levels are correct.I would recommend you buy some Quick Fix to store just to be safe and ready in the future,it also has a 2 year shelf life so you don’t have to worry about the urine spoiling.ADMIN

  84. It was yellow snow magic urine by The way

  85. How about South Dakota? I’ve never used QuickFix Plus but I have regular version and Canadian version. I’d like to save the Canadian because I’m sure testing will get more and more stringent. What should I do?

    Thank You!

    • You will be fine using the regular version that is usually what we ship out there,but I like your train of thought either one you use will work but if it were me and I knew when my test dates where I would use the Canadian just to be safe.Please note that both versions have a 2 year shelf life but where they differ is the Canadian version with uric acid once mixed must be used within 7 days so sometimes it is tough if you are subject to pulled randoms.ADMIN

  86. Awesome. Great advice! Thanks again.

  87. harleygirl says:

    Do I need the Canadian version for a Lab Corp test in FL?????

  88. I have a test tomorrow in Manitoba, Canada. Do they test for uric acid there, I only have the quick fix plus version and was wondering if I should get the Canadian one just in case they test for it. Can you help me out?

  89. Hey there I have an important drug screen coming up, will the regular 5.7-1 work in PA or do I need to order the Canadian Verizon?

    • The normal Quick Fix 5.7 will work just fine in PA I am 100% sure as this is what we have shipped out there for years with no problems,put your order through and we will ship you a new batch of urine.ADMIN

  90. Hey I just thought I’d let y’all no what I think, I have been researching this stuff hard for the past month. I have a pre employment drug test coming up my self for a job of a life time so i certinally dont want to screw it up. So any way I bought some synthetic urine ql of course and a urine leg strap as well. Since I bought these items the only thing I have researched is does synthetic urine work or not, my estimate is that 70/80% of people passed with synthetic urine… That brings me to one conclusion which is this stuff can work for sure but if they want to test it a step further then your screwed, so I personally don’t want to risk that happening, so my plan now is to empty my synthetic urine on the day of the test and have a friend of mine who is both illegal and prescription drug free to piss in the synthetic 3oz container, I will then wrap it in a hand warmer or two and place it near me while I drive to the test site I will then strap it to my leg and the rest you can guess, so just to let you no I think quick fix works but it is far far far from bullet proof I do however think that your unlucky if you get caught using synthetic urine

    • I know synthetic urine works and so does human urine of course,I know people who have done what you described and it always works.Make sure you get the middle part of your friends urine stream as this is the cleanest also make sure you use it within 2 hours as the ph levels will start to fall off other than that you will pass.ADMIN

  91. Well, I took a pre employment test today in southern California. The test was administered by Medtox. I used regular QF Plud, not the Canadian version. Will I pass, what will happen? Thanks!

  92. Bought and used QF Plus, non Canadian version, for a test by Medtox in southern California. Will this work, I am nervous as hell.

    • Man it might sneak bye you should have used the Canadian version with uric acid but in my best opnion you have a 85% chance you will still pass.Please post back your Lab results so when you do pass we can cross Medtox off the list of labs that are testing for uric acid in CA.ADMIN

    • hey how did your test turn out?

    • i just took a test for a dot job in los angeles, ca. i was told by a current employee that i would need quick fix plus 5.7-1. that current employee also told me they would dipstick my test (because that is how they tested him and h used 5.7-1 and passed but this was over a year ago) but as it turned out they sent it to a lab called “pharmatech, inc”. i began researching and read a bunch of reviews in this and other threads.

      since i was misinformed and did not purchase the canadian version with uric acid i was wondering if you have any experience with dot testing protocols and also if you have any experience with pharmatech, inc.

      i should have gotten the canadian version but what’s done is done now I’m just trying to determine how screwed i am before the results come back.

      any help would be grateful. thanks.

      • I am reaching out to another source in the office please give me a few minutes. admin

        • Sure. Thank you in advance.

          • Also from what I have read online they will be performing GC/MS testing. But, I don’t know what the parameters are and since there have been changes I don’t know if the uric acid is included in addition to the gravity, creatnine and ph.

        • Just wanted to update you Admin @ Quick Fix and all other users reading this….

          My DOT job drug screen through Pharmatech, Inc lab went through without a hitch using QF+ 5.7-1.

          I am located in Los Angeles, CA.

  93. ok i live in so cal and used the qf 5.7 regular ( not canadian) version 4 months ago at a drug diversion and passed. so now that i had to test yesterday i thought i would be fine. however now im freaking out after reading recent blogs about ca labs being able to tell synthetic urine from real human urine. is that true? and is that true for all ca labs or just some? and also since i used the usa qf version and not the candian one, will the labs in ca be able to tell that it doesnt contain the uric acid? since when did labs start being able to test for all this new stuff? i thought i was fine w the usa regular 5.7 verison. but now i dont know. so am i going to fail, come out inconclusive, or pass like i did 4 months ago? qf has never done me wrong….ever…will i be ok now? plz respond

  94. I just turned one in for labcorp in TX will I be okay?

  95. I used version 5.7, 7 months ago in so cal. The lab tech was training and I heard here say theytest for synthetic. Im testing again with the same instant test. I dont know what brand test but should I be safe?

  96. Hey, I just ordered Quick Fix 5.7 Am I good? Feedback would be much appreciated.

    • In San Bernardino County will they test for uric acid because I did not purchase the Canadian version.. Please help!!

    • if they know what they are doing they should send you the right version based on your state.Also ships from CA the place you purchased from comes out of OH,in any instance call us when you get your Quick Fix so we can confirm your batch number.ADMIN

  97. I live in WA bought the Canadian qf but was such in a hurry that I went with my gut instinct and did not mix in the uric acid vial since I did it about a year ago (dont remember the uric acid vial) and it was fine plus the box says “no need to mix” “pour and go”
    The lab was quest diagnostics in Bellevue, wa
    Do you think I will be ok? I was reading some of your replies and quest seems like a lab that does not rest uric acid


  98. I live in WA bought qf 5.7 Canadian and did not mix uric acid vial because I didn’t remember doing this a year ago :( I did not have time to research before the test
    I tested at quest diagnostics in Bellevue, wa
    Do you believe I will pass?


    • Yes if you went to Quest you will be fine it is Legacy metro labs and Lab corp that checks for the uric acid.ADMIN

  99. i tested in temecula, CA…but i dont know if they send it to a lab in another city …. idk what lab, i have no idea… but it is for a drug diversion program not for employment or anything so does that mean they send to the better labs where their up to date on everything or not necessarily… i just dont want to fail… what are the chances of me passing and/or if i dont pASS, will it come out as inconclusive? because if it does then i can retest again im pretty sure and ive been staying clean in case that happens… but it would just be so much easier if i passed like i did at that same place exactly 4 months ago

  100. Nicholas McPherson says:

    Bought some synthetic urine late last summer, i really don’t remember the brand but didn’t get to use it until last weekend when i had a surprise Lab UA come up. I remembered that i bought it and followed the directions, kept the product to 99° and this it’s where i think i had a very bad thought process. I decided to sprinkle a couple drops of my own urine into the sample. Did i just contaminate the whole specimen, i hadn’t smoked in about 11 days and when i did it was only several his and i weight about160 lbs and 6 foot tall . I have the batch number fort a new bottle over bought if i pass this UA. Here’s three batch number P11M-12 am i good to go with this batch for labs done in Minnesota? Thanks

    • Batch is current and will work in MN but as far as adding your own urine I prob would not have done that? depending on how clean you were id say you have a 70% chance you will pass and a 30% chance you could fail thats my best guess.ADMIN

      • Nicholas McPherson says:

        OteStupidity and ignorance. I Don’t honestly know why i added my own specimen and anything i use to clarify could only be constituted as pure stupidity! 70/30 huh? I can honestly say that if i were given a instant test i could have passed with my own urine but a gsmc lab???? Oh yeah, i added some of my pee because i did the research and the Hennepin County Medical Center Toxicology Lab in Minneapolis does urinalysis reports that include Uric acid and creatinine levels…..QF American version does not have those. In hindsight, using drops of my own specimen was probably what will save me in my case but i will update the results as soon as i get them
        Ps. If i pass this UA, I will definitely use my new bottle but until my results come back, i will hold ADMIN liable for the 70\30 quote. Seems like i have a fighting chance!

  101. I just ordered the canadian version for my california drug screen. I just want to ensure they send the canadian one. Also i ordered it overnight, when on tuesday can i expect it? I have to take my test on tuesday.Thank you for your help and the information you provide

    • Also, do you have to sign for the package or will they just leave it at my door step?

    • Your order will arrive Tue before noon time with the signature waived,so if you are not there it will be left.We will be sending you the Canadian version with uric acid to ensure you pass your screening.ADMIN

    • Holland
      jasonkilgore17 Quick Question is the order under your name? I do not see an order put through with this name next day air? any issues please contact us at 1-866-420-4574 and ask for Chris emp#92668

  102. What about Michigan? Taking test at concentra urgent care. Their website says their testing is done by Advanced Toxicology Network. Also have you ever heard of S5synthetic urine? I have that until my QF comes In.

    • They do not test for uric acid in Michigan and yes I have heard of synthetic5 it is just a newer company so the reviews are limited.Where did you buy your QF? Use the synthetic5 if you have to but if it were me I would recommend the QF everytime over that brand.ADMIN

      • Amazingly quick response! Thank you much. I ended up buying it from spectrum labs but was going to go through this website to get the uric acid if I had to. I’ve researched it a little more and it looks like s5 just isn’t a quality product. I will absolutely try and stall until my QF gets here. When I buy more in the future I will definitely be back here. You’ve earned my business!

  103. Conneticutt?? I used quick fix today no uric acid??? PLease answers Im nervous as shit

  104. does anyone know what 5DSP, 7DSP, 10 DSP stand for??

    • Each of these terms listed is reffering to the panel of test there is 5/7/10 so for instance they will typically screen for hard drugs but in some circumstances they will test for vicodin/adarol/oxy etc… Do not stress out if they took your sample you passed the hardest part the temp between 90-99 from here your all down hill.Do you happen to have the direction portion of your fake urine kit? I am curious what your batch number is? ADMIN

  105. how about the lab corp in utah? are they testing for uric acid yet?

  106. Is there anyway to tell if I bought an authentic quick fix plus. I am testing in San bernardino county and want to make sure they don’t test for synthetics. Thank you

    • Trey, you must look at the batch number located on the directions enclosed in the box,I must tell you though you want the Quick FIX 5.7 Canadian version with uric acid as labs in California now test for this so play it safe and get the right version.The way you can tell if you have the Canadian version is three ways 1. The box ironically will have an American flag on the left side opposite the phone number as the normal version has no flag 2. The batch number will read batch Canada and the number will start with a “C’ 3. there should also be a small vile of uric acid inside the box in which you mix in the urine itself.Feel free to respond or ask further Questions and we will help you through this,if you need the Canadian version with uric acid we ship from CA and here is a link to our main site order page.

  107. I gotta take a piss test in Louisiana for a chemical plant I got .5.7.1 should I worry

    • Not at all we send it there all day everyday the Quick Fix 5.7-1 will work in LA so relax submitt the sample and your hired trust me.ADMIN

  108. This question is for admin. If the temperature is off on the sample will the clinic say something immediately and make you retest it? If they dont say anything and send you on your way was the temperature ok?

    • Well here is the thing when testing they give you a range for acceptance 92-99 if its colder than 92 or hotter than 100 it’s kind of fishey but the heating pad that comes with the synthetic urine kit keeps it right in the 97-98 degree range.In all ideal cases they will look at the temp real quick and sign off as this is the first process.After that you are good to go and then it gets sent in for further analysis but do not worry I am a firm believer if you get the temp part down the rest is down hill.I always tell people who are going in for a screening to relax remain calm and deliver the sample and I always recommend urinating in the toilet so it looks like you really did pee.Any other questions shoot em over Ive been at this for 9 years.ADMIN

  109. Admin. I live in Los Angeles CA and i have a pre- employment urinal and blood test coming up on the 22nd of jan. I found this out a week ago and have gone cold turkey since. I know i will be dirty if i pee my own so i was wondering if you could please help me out and inform me on which product i need to purchase as my future relies on the results of this test. PLEASE i need to know ASAP how i can pass this guaranteed thanks it is greatly appreciated. by the way the test will be conducted at a Medical Center

    • Ok I see we are in a pinch I can almost guarantee you the blood test is not looking for toxins this is not a drug test but prob more so a physicall.Please let me know if this is a DOT test,police etc.. A medical center as you desribed really means nothing as the Canadian verson of Quick Fix can pass any lab screen but I am trying to determin what the blood test is for.Either way we have a solution that will assist you in passing your screen,we are located in northern CA and specalize in this industry so please give me a few more details and I will assist you.ADMIN

      • it is for city employment im not sure if it is DOT?? and yes it is a physical . One more concern is there anything to be worried about when people are saying they also check for odor and foam of the piss?? thanks a lot

        • It is very untypicall for someone to smell urine,I know I would not take that job and not everyones urine smells.I am confident if you use the synthetic urine you will pass.ADMIN

  110. I live in North Florida and had to take a random today. I used QF 5.7 at quest labs. Everything went well however the temperature was 92. Will I pass?

    • Well did they take the sample? Quest is where you want to go trust me we have so many customers who use our product through there you should just smile,either way the 92 degree temp is reasonable they usually give you a range of 90-99 as urine cools after release,if they accepted the sample in which it sounds like they did you are going to pass your screen I am 100% sure.All we ship in the state of FL is the normal 5.7-1 so if you used it and they marked it off and said thanks! Either way your golden 3 days from now you either get a call to start a new job or you hear nothing and keep your current job.Please view our home site for FAQ’S and please keep a back up! Each bottle of QF has a 2 year shelf life and and it will give you a piece of mind.ADMIN

  111. We are in Indiana and the testing center is Quest, but we don’t have the Canadian version, just the 5.7-1 from Ohio. Are we gonna pass??

  112. Hey, I have a job interview this week and as I understand it, the way this employer handles things is I will be offered the job after this interview, take a written aptitude test, then get a formal offer of employment, and only THEN will I be asked to do the drug test. The only problem is, the job is in NH, but I live in NY right now. I’m in the process of moving, but I’m not sure if I will be moved by the time I have to go to the lab. This company is all over the country, so I know I’ll be able to test in either state, but not sure if my batch is good for both. My sheet says batch P7L-12. Will this be good for both NY and NH?

    • Yes that batch is valid produced July of 2012 it is good for another 12 months, give the bottle a good shake before pouring.Always use your real pee for the toilet so it looks like you really went and I promise you your golden.ADMIN

  113. Will quick fix work in the star of Texas at the lab corp? Has anyone tried it when testing at the lab corp??

    • Yes it will work at Labcorp we just had someone in Houston use it at labcorp and she passed,we have been shipping it there for years with no problems.ADMIN

  114. Can you tell me the difference between dot and non-dot tests. I have an upcoming pre-employment test for DOT in Tx but not to drive just administrative. What should I use? Thanks for the helpful site.

  115. Hey there,

    Just wondering if anyone has had success in MA with this urine??
    I’m likely going to get drug tested for a USPS position and I’m just curious. Thanks everyone & Excellent job w/ the responses Admin. Respect.

    • It will work at any lab small or big quest diagnostics lab corp etc…we ship alot of Quick Fix out there and it has worked for 9 years running.ADMIN

  116. I have a test in Maine. Do I need the canadian version? Will they test for synthetic urine?

  117. Hello im in Southern CA, and im wondering which version to use i have a pre employment DOT drug test coming up and i need to pass! and also if i get the uric acid canada version do i warm up the urine with the acid already in it or mix it in after?? thanks i appreciate it!

  118. I have a question about the longevity of the QF Plus 5.7-1. I left the box unopened in my car a couple nights. I’m in a cold climate so temps were probly in the 20 deg F at night. Does temperature (cold OR hot) affect the sample? Thanks!

    • Well we do not recommend freezing it but from cold to warm will not effect the sample it can be heated and cooled multiple times,just curious what is your batch number located on your directions? ADMIN

  119. I just took a pre employee drug screen in Mpls with qf and it is being sent to Medtox…The nurse never said anything about the temp and just had me sign the vials then a computer form…Would she say something if the temp was off..Also I didnt use the Canadian version am I okay…Stressing about passing this…

    • Yes you will be fine,if the nurse takes it and says nothing the temp was within range if it were to cold or hot they would call you out on it,dont stress you are fine.ADMIN

  120. my test got put back until monday, and i found out it is a 5 panel express test will the regular quick fix work or should i find some canadian version instead?

  121. Had a pre-employment drug test in PA. Went to a local head shop and they sold me a box of quickfix Plus 5.7-1 for 20$, figures couldn’t beat that price. Was unsure if I got a legitimate batch and not a knock off. So I tried calling the number on the box/green instructions and I never got through always busy and then auto disconnect after 3mins. Needless to say I was angry at the system. I found this page and appon reading came across a contact number for this site, called and talked to a nice man named Chris. Who was very helpful, confirmed my batch number(p5w-12) and not only that but told me when the batch was made, how long it was good for, an that is was good to use in my state(PA). Just wanted to say thanks, I oassed , got the job, an will be ordering from this knowledgeable site from now on. Kudos.

    • Hey B thanks for the review and I trully enjoy helping people pass a drug screen and move on with their life,we hope to earn your future business so feel free to visit our home site as well. Chris.

  122. I just wanted to give you an update…IT WORKED !!!!!! No problems….Your product is awesome and thank you for having a forum where someone will actually answer your questions honestly…Thanks again….

  123. I have to take a test in WA. It will be at Qwest Diagnostics. Will this stuff work for me? Which one should I use?

    • This product will work at Quest in WA but you will require the Canadian version with uric acid real important you get that version.ADMIN

  124. Does quick fix work in Indiana? I have a drug screen and physical for a job tomorrow

  125. Hello all! I just wanted to share my QF story with all of you concerned about this product. I got the non canadian version from the local smoke shop and then decided to do research on how they detect synthetic urine. I am in No. California and tested at US Health works and found out i needed the uric acid (canadian version). I ordered it over night and these ADMIN guys were more then helpful and i got the product 2 hours before my test. ( I had to overnight it). The Admin answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. The only tricky part was keeping the temp on. I noticed the temp strip on the bottle is a tad off because i verified the temp with a digital thermometer. The temp strip read a couple degrees cooler then the thermometer. The warmer didn’t keep it warm enough and like a ding bat, on my way to the clinic, put the bottle in the sun for like 3 minutes. On top of that i forgot to shake the bottle before putting it in the cup. I was essentially freaking out. Just got news today that i passed and cleared to start work. This stuff works guys, trust me, you will be just fine. It’s worked twice for me so far and i will FOR SURE use QF in the future. GF saved my ass!!! Thanks again to this amazing Admin staff. – Holland

    • Holland,thanks for the reply good thing the lab gives us a little room for the temp as 92-99 range is acceptabl.One thing I would like to bring to your attention is the whole sunlight thing you really do not want the Quick Fix exposed to direct sunlight for too long as this can lower the ph levels but a good friction rub from your palm or perhaps a car heater can work if you need to bring the temp up real quick.Regardless we are happy to know you passed again using Quick Fix 5.7 and we hope others will follow thanks again for the review.ADMIN

  126. Hey everybody! I’m wondering if Quick Fix works at labs in the state of Massachusetts?? I have a test coming up for a new job and I want to make sure I pass. If so, what is the most current version that I should buy? Please help, I’m kinda freakin out!

    • All you will require is the Quick Fix 5.7-1 it will work in MA GUARANTEED! we ship the same product out there everyday and have many repeat customers so smile because it will work!

      • Awesome! Couple more questions, do you think the 2 oz. is enough for the sample, or should I get the 3 oz. size? Also, if I were to get the larger size how big is the bottle? Like would I have some trouble hiding the larger bottle? Oh and do they pat you down when you go get tested? LOL I’m sorry for all the questions but you seem to know what you’re talkin about! Thanks for all the help!!!

        • OK the 3oz is what I recommend and it is a little smaller than a ciggarette box as it is curved,I like the whole idea of the 3oz cause the pee goes over the testing line.You will have no trouble hiding it in your pants or I also like to use this it’s real nice as far as them watching you thats a NO I guarantee that.I highly recommend that you pee in the toilet so it looks like you really did go as they will instruct you to not wash your hands and not flush the toilet while inside the bathroom filing up the cup.ADMIN

      • Oh and one more thing. I’ve read that sometimes the lab technician will either wait outside of the bathroom or if it’s a large bathroom with multiple stalls they will actually wait within the bathroom but outside of the stall so that they can hear you peeing. In this case what do I do? Should I actually pee in the toilet so they hear me peeing but then put the Quick Fix in to the test cup?

        • Yes you got it right dump the QF in the cup and pee real quick try not to over think it just go in and deiver the Quick Fix and you will be just fine but make sure you hide the bottle because they will ask you to empty your pockets but will not pat you down.ADMIN

  127. Will qf plus without uric acid work for hospital drug screen in Georgia??

  128. Scuba Steve says:

    I just took a ua @ concentra & used qf 5.7.1. Am I good to go?

  129. Please help!!!!

  130. I have a test monday at concentra in GA. I have batch 5.7-1. The test is a dot test. Will it pass?

  131. I have a test monday at concentra in GA. I have batch 5.7-1. The test is a dot test. Will it pass?and will the test orphysical come first

    • I believe the test will be prior to the physicall but not sure,What I am sure of is that Quick Fix 5.7 will pass your DOT screening.ADMIN

    • I took a test and physical at Concentra earlier this week. They did the test before the physical and then left me in the exam room for about 15 min. Plenty of time to hide the evidence. Good luck, I’m still waiting on the results but temped ok and it all went smooth.

  132. i just took a test today with batch# F5G-11. i bought it in november of 2011. i’ve used qf before with awesome results. i’m sweating the shelf life…

  133. Scuba Steve says:

    Took the test Tuesday, been working all week with my boss, haven’t heard yet so still crossing my fingers! @kyle

  134. I’m in Denver about to go to LabCorp in a couple of hours and bought QF Plus 5.7-1. I just read above that I should have probably gotten the Canadian formula with the uric acid and I’m a female (not sure if that matters). Am I good with this formula??

  135. Took test 1/24/13 for Quest Diagnostics. Used quickfix plus 5.7-1. Temp was checked off as fine and was taken. The test is a 6405N SAP 5-50 GC/MS. I believe it will be sent to florida. Also it was a pre-employment test if that matters. Am I good?

  136. Anyone know if there is anywhere to buy local in Atlanta, GA ?

  137. I passed, ADMIN!! Just wanted to say thanks for reassuring me in my time of stress. This product is truly a miracle….no exaggeration. I just kept my job, thanks to Quick Fix.

  138. Just wanted to share the news that I passed! I got an amazing new job. It has been a nerve wracking couple of weeks. I will be recommending this product to anyone that needs help. I had a physical too and it passed the drug screen and the glucose, sugars etc. so happy! Thank you admin this site was great.

  139. kingjames says:

    i bought qf went to take a e-screen at concentra in Ga yesterday but specimen is being sent to North Carolina will i be ok with regular version

  140. So I live in florida and will be drug tested at labcorp…will Quick fix work there? I work in the medical field but I think the panels they test against are standard ones.

    • Yes the test will be standard and yes the normal Quick Fix 5.7 will work to pass your test I am 100% sure as we ship hundreds of units there monthly.ADMIN

  141. Hi, I am about to take a drug test tomorrow in Ohio for hospital pre-employment. I bought this product, but not sure if its the Canadian version (due to the fact its at home right now and I am not). Reading the reviews above, I have not yet heard if the reg. version is safe to use.

    Also, where do you recommend storing it if you are a woman?

    And, as far as the temperature goes – I am just confirming that b/w 94-100 is safe to go?

    Thanks for getting back to me, Jill

  142. i got the job passed the test qf works like a charm

  143. Will qf 5.7.1 batch 9-12 work for me through medtox? Temp was checked off as ok 90-100. Thanks.

    • O ya Harv you are golden getting the temp right can be a little tricky but if they took the sample your good! Please post back results for the other readers. ADMIN

  144. If i have a test with Quest Diagnostics here in SoCal do I really need to buy the Canadian version? What will happen if I use the non Canadian version of Quick Fix??

    • It should still work but according to the manufacturer anyone in Ca who now orders we are now required the Canadian version with uric acid to be safe. ADMIN

  145. I bought a quick fix not sure which one It is but I live here in texas and I see on other comments people worrying about them testing for some kinda acid that all humans have..just was wondering if I would still be okay here in texas for pee test

    • Yes you will be fine,all you require is the normal Quick fIX 5.7 in TX we ship the normal version daily and have for years no problem what so ever. ADMIN

  146. I have a drug test coming up in about three weeks or so, I have not smoked in 11 days and should have a minimum of 29 days without smoking before I go. They will then start randoms quarterly afterwards pulling ten percent of the work force. My plan is to go in clean for the initial test with the strap and 3 0z 0f quick fix on me and use the quick fix to make sure I am cool. I live in Illinois but will be buying from you and having it shipped to Indiana, and the test lab will be CRL out of Kansas, I plan to order the buy three get one free (can I get that deal with the uric acid?) and purchase the strap. I have a few questions:
    1.) Is the uric acid needed for them
    2.) I notice you also sell the quick fix and want to make sure these reviews are not BS and just a sales pitch, it’s to important to me I have been with the company for 28 years and have 5 kids. As I have to random for the rest of my career there I will definetely be a great repeat customer.
    3.) How is the strap heated ?? how long will it keep it heated ?
    4.) Are you familiar with CRL ?
    5.) should I just stick with uric acid just to be safe ?

    I have read a million reviews so far and have seen people say it works great it does not work blah blah blah. I figure the worst that can happen the first time if I am clean is they will make me piss again, does that sound right ? I also will probably be able to throw some more business your way if it works we have a slew of stoners there.

    Thanks ahead of time on your response.

    • OK here is the deal we have been in business for 9 years and run over 11 sites so the reviews,questions and responses are real and yes Quick Fix 5.7 will work.

      1) Uric acid is not required for the entire area of IL OR KS but it can not hurt the Canadain version as all human urine contains uric acid.

      2)All reviewa are official if you follow the directions you will pass your screen

      3)The strap is not heated it draws from your body heat since is is worn on the upper thigh and close to the growing area. You can also place your heating pad in the strap as well to ensure heat if you know when your screening is.

      4) I am familiar with CLR and Quick Fix will work for this lab as it has for others in the past

      5) I would use the Canadian version if it were me it can not hurt since all human urine contains uric acid, also you never know if they will send the sample out of state.

      Please feel free to call us direct at 1-866-420-4574 you can ask for emp#90924 I will speak with you further and answer all questions as well as cut you a deal on your orde if you are going to buy multiple units of Quick Fix in either version. Any othet concerns?

      • if tWill be calling you soon, thanks for the quick response can you ship to illinois ? If not do I need a CC with an Indiana address to have it shipped there ? If this works like you say it does and I can keep smoking Ill be sending a big kiss your way. Thanks for the help man

      • I Will be calling you soon, thanks for the quick response can you ship to illinois ? If not do I need a CC with an Indiana address to have it shipped there ? If this works like you say it does and I can keep smoking Ill be sending a big kiss your way. Thanks for the help man.

  147. In AZ!? Used the normal version 5.7.. am I ok admin????

  148. Admin… I have a urine and medical test for a TSA job. I live in NY. what product should I order? Im not sure who will be testing me. . Please help really want to pass I am going to quit smoking for the randoms in the future. But need to pass the initial test sometime next week. Any info will be appreciated! If you need to know who is testing I will get back to you when I schedule it. HELP please

  149. I have an important job opportunity in las Vegas. Will regular quick fix work or do I need the Canada version?

    • Normal version should work but if you want to play it a 100% safe but the Canadian version with uric acid because all human urine contains uric acid. ADMIN

  150. Does quick fix plus work in wa state

  151. I am taking a test for a defense contractor in 8 days. I am going to exercise and drink fluids. I am also using Canadian version of Quickfix Plus” just in case. The lab my potential employer uses is “Truescreen Inc.” and I am located in SC.

    Any thing I should be aware of going forward to help?

  152. Do you know if Friends Labratory in Baltimore, MD tests for uric acid??
    I have quickfix pluss batch p11w-12
    doesnt say anything about candian or american, but it has a US patent No on the bottom of the box….please help!

    • From what I can find on the website they only check for this for altering….doesent say anything about uric acid.

      “Testing For Adulterants

      (usually done as Creatinine only or full adulterant test)

      Creatinine levels show the dilution of the specimen. Levels above 20ml/dl are acceptable and show that a specimen is good for testing. Specimens that show a creatinine level of less than 20 ml/dl are considered “dilute specimen” and unacceptable for testing.

      pH level
      This measures acidity in the urine and checks if chlorine bleach has been added to the specimen. The acceptable range is 4.0 (acidic) to 9.0 (base)

      This portion of the adulterant test will check for oxidizing agents used in some drug test blocking products.

      Specific Gravity
      This checks to see if the urine has been watered down. The acceptable range for a specimen is 1.002 to 1.040.”

    • Also, how to make sure it is at 95-100?
      do I keep the heating pad on it right up until I walk into the bathroom and put the sample in the cup? Or do i need to remove the heat pad for a little to let it cool down??

      • Keep the heating pad on the urine until you get inside the bathroom then simply pour it in the testing cup. ADMIN

    • No they do not test for uric acid, the version you have will pass the screening. ADMIN

  153. Got the call for a random company wide UA this morning. I hit up the localheadshop and bought a box of regular non Canadian QF 5.7-1 BatchP10A-12. The collection site I used ships to Quest Diagnostics and I am in Farmington NM. A friend of mine swears by the stuff but should I sweat the fact that mine doesny have uric acid in it?

    • No not all because the state of NM nor Quest diagnostics test for uric acid you passed trust me, based on your batch and acceptance of the sample your good. ADMIN

  154. I deposited 3 oz. of Quick Fix Plus 5.7-1 (Batch P9S-12) for the D0T in northern California. Passed the temperature test and watched the cups being sealed and sent off to MedTox, in CA I think. Unfortunately, I was ignorant of this Canadian/American, California/uric acid Quick Fix issue at the time. What I’m looking for now is your expert opinion on the predicted outcome. Thank you for any information you are able to provide.

  155. needhelpasap says:

    I bought the US version of quickfix and it should arrive tomorrow. I’ll be tested at LabCorp in San Diego. Just noticed something about Canadian version TODAY. Am I SOL? I have to take the test in 2 days.

    Please help

    • Well if the company you bought from knows what they are doing they will automatically send you the Canadian version with uric acid, the box ironically will have an american flag on the left side of the box but it will say batch canada and start with a C on the directions inside the box. We are instructed to make sure we send the Canadian version to all CA residents because some labs test for uric acid in CA so if it were me I would get the right version. Were did you but this Quick Fix from? ADMIN

  156. I’m getting tested by healthworks in New York for gov job. What do I need?

  157. Joey Sang says:

    Can I please have the link to the quick fix that will make me pass a urine test that will be sent to a lab. I hear they’re’s different types of quick fix. I just want the one that’ll work for sure. Please and thank you !

  158. I am testing at Labcorp in Indianapolis IN and I am buying the Quick Fix plus without uric acid. I am stressing something fierce! Will I be able to pass this?! This job is very very important.

    • Yes you will pass based on what you have told me, Lab corp in IN does not test for uric acid so your fine. ADMIN

  159. I used quick fix today for my urine screen for my promotion. In fort Wayne Indiana it was 5.7-1 but no uric acid am I cool???

    • Yes sir your going to pass your drug screen trust me, and please post your results so people can see it’s the #1 synthetic urine on the market for a reason. ADMIN

  160. What states are currently testing for uric acid? I sure hope you’re right and I pass without being flagged for non human urine! I will let you know when I know. Are you sure Indiana does not test for uric acid? Specifically Fort Wayne Indiana

    • Very sure I have been at this for over 11 years here are the states that have a few uric acid testing labs, CA,HI,OR,WA,WV,CO that is it very few states with a handfull of labs. ADMIN

  161. You were absolutely correct got my results back today and I passed quick fix Is the way to go!! Even for lab testing!!

  162. I am in California and Just bought the Quick Fix 5.7-1 I have to drug test to get a job. The testing company is called A-Check America Inc. Will this work?

    • Where did you buy your Quick Fix? we now ship the Canadian version with uric acid to CA residents but based on the lab you described you should be ok with the normal Quick Fix but in the future make sure you get the Canadian version with uric acid so we are 100% sure you will pass your screening. ADMIN

  163. So I took my test last Friday, February 1st at Quest Diagnostics in WA state. I had the temp perfect at 97 when she checked. I still haven’t heard anything and I’m still extremely nervous. I used the Canadian version and followed the directions exactly. So do you think I’m okay????? Should I still be worrying about this?

  164. So I’m gonna have to take a piss test for a bank position as a teller amid I have no idea if they are going to watch me or not but I bought quick fix and I’m nervous.

    • Oh and it’s in Fort Worth Texas and I’m not sure what lab

      • OK first of all they will not watch you they can not do this unless you are on probation or parole, they are going to send you to a lab. All you have to do is put the Quick Fix in your pants/underwear and if you follow the directions and use the Quick Fix 5.7 you bought you are going to pass your test trust me. ADMIN Please post your results back.

  165. Uric**

    • No need to worry at all they do not test for uric acid in the state of TX we sell a whole lot of the normal Quick Fix 5.7 to the area daily with no problems what so ever. ADMIN

  166. Thanks. Ill be taking test next week ill post results

  167. I’m really really nervous about using this product, I have a test in CA on Monday. Worried about it coming back inconclusive anyone have any info for passing this in ca?

  168. So I took my test last Friday, February 1st at Quest Diagnostics in WA state. I had the temp perfect at 97 when she checked. I still haven’t heard anything and I’m still extremely nervous. I used the Canadian version and followed the directions exactly. So do you think I’m okay????? Should I still be worrying about this?

    • Should be fine at Quest and the version you used is proper give it a few more days. ADMIN

    • So did you pass? ADMIN

      • I don’t know yet. That’s why I’m freaking out. Should I know by now? I’m still working and nothing has been said to me yet.

        • If they said nothing you passed don’t ask just keep working trust me, we had a client who was in the same situation with fedex pulled for a random screening he has continued to work they never said anything and that means it came back clean. ADMIN

  169. Recently purchased QF 5.7-1 2oz Canadian Batch C072-12 for an escreen/ecup test. I opened the box and noticed the bottle of synthetic was very pale yellow. Is this a bad batch or am i ok to use this?

    • Jon every batch is different in color some batches are lighter than others what is most important is the human like levels of ph,creatine,specifi gravity etc….you will be fine and you will pass. ADMIN

  170. I used QF with the uric acid? mixed the two containers together in WA, not sure what lab it went to…. i did my test friday and still waiting for results! Im confident in QF because i have used it in the past but i have never used the newer version with the uric acid test! I hope im good?? what do you think ADMIN??

  171. I have used this product multiple times and it has worked everytime but once. Wasn’t there fault though, the lab lost my test and it wasn’t tested for 9 days after submission. Huge bummer but other then that works like a charm.

    • Yes this sounds like the urine was exposed to air for a long period of time and the PH levels fell below the norm. I am very pleased with the results I see from many users accross the states but with lab error that you described it puts me at awe? Not sure why it came back invalid but they defienlty owe you another screening. ADMIN

  172. Going to take a test in FL. Curious, any sure ways to make sure you have the temp right? My buddy did the microwave then put it in his underwear and said it read like it was too hot when he got there. He ended up passing though. My brother passed too with this, but he didn’t use the microwave at all, he just kept it against his leg. Just want to be sure the temp is not overheated!

  173. In ohio, took an ecup / escreen the other day for pre employment. Temp 98 degrees, and batch f12d-12. Am I In the clear. ? Z

  174. My husband has an interview this am…….not sure when the test will be long will this stay warm or good?

    • With the heating pad attached it will hemain warm for 7 hours, just tell him to put the bottle in his pants/ underware and it will remain warm even longer. Keep in mind the lab will let you turn the pee in between 92-99 degrees so he will be aok if its a little cooler than 98. ADMIN

  175. Help, i bought the normal quick fix 5.7 plus, and i have a drug test in a three hours. I am located in north CA, i didnt know that i need the candian version. I need your advice admin…
    It will be with quest..

  176. If i order it today it will get here by tomorrow morning.

  177. Does quick fix plus 5.7-1 work in Oklahoma on a 5 panel non-DOT urine test? I’m freaking out. They said they would send the results to my company within 30 min. I have my orientation Tuesday. I took it today feb 13 2013. I have not heard anything back which usually means you passed. I’m praying they didn’t test for synthetic urine like I’ve read on many message boards. The more I read the more I freak out.

    • Kris no need to worry if you used the formula 5.7-1 which it says you did I am 100% sure you will pass your DT. It will typically take a few days for testing results like 2-3. But let me assure you Quick Fix 5.7 is going to work, All I as is that you post back on the forum and let the rest of us know your results. ADMIN

      • The lab I tested at states that it will report negative results within one hour. It’s been 30 hours since I took the test. I have not heard anything back from them.

        • You will pass your screening if you followed the directions trust me. ADMIN

          • They called me and said my paperwork looked good. They confirmed that I will be there for orientation. I’m assuming that I’m all good but I won’t be doing my happy dance till then.

          • O ya you passed Quick Fix 5.7 works and thanks for the feedback! ADMIN

  178. I have a test today… Just curious. The small vial in the package. What is that stuff? And do I need to add it to pass? Or can I just heat the quick fix? Thanks!

    • That is uric acid if you are in the following states OR,WA,CA,WV OR HI you need to add it and it will dislove quickly, if you did not use it the urine would be usinf the original Quick Fix 5.7-1. So which state are you located in? what lab did you test at? ADMIN

  179. Hey there. I have a bottle of 5.7-1. batch F10D-11. I am getting tested in Virginia. Will this batch be okay? its kind of old. I just unwrapped it today and the test is in 10 days. I have used it in the past, im just worried with all the synthetic detection they are doing now days

  180. Admin would you please clear this up for me, I keep seeing people say they are testing for synthetic. From what I understand that means they are testing for uric acid, is that correct ?

    • Yes that is the only way it can be detected as non human since all human urine contains uric acid, but very few labs do this currently. ADMIN

  181. My only issue with this Quick Fix Plus is the size of the bottle. I have ‘tried it on’ by stuffing it right up my crotch. If I wear two pairs of boxers and give my self a good wedgie it is definitely secure enough that I can move around and what not, however MY CONCERN is that the ‘Safety Services’ company that will be testing a crew of oilfield workers in the field may detect the bottle with a brief pat down. I’m working in Northern Alberta, Canada …
    Can anyone comment on whether they have received a pat down or if they were concerned about the size of the bottle going into their test? I’ve never done a piss test before so I’m trying to rehearse this process so I don’t mess it up. Also, how long should the heat pack take to heat the bottle?

  182. Will QF Plus Canadian 5.7 work at Quest in Florida? It’s being sent to Nationwide Testing Assoc. in NC. The temp was correct. I need this job and am a little nervous.

  183. About to be tested in Houston TX. Which version do I need?

  184. Yestarday i used the quick fix 5.7 plus candian version, however, i dont recall that i saw a small vial in there. Doese that mean its the wrong one.. please help admin..

  185. what do you know about metrolab/legacy in Oregon? I failed due to “non human substance” using old style quick fix in 2010. also what about sterling labs in OR and WA?


    • Sterling labs in OR or WA will pose no problem use the Canadian version with uric acid, but as far as Metro /legacy labs they were breaking the rules and doing genetic testing. If you are going to Legacy I would recommend you use normal human urine either from a friend or online. You can use real human urine thats clean in a bottle with a heating pad but if you decide to go this route either use it within 2 hours of the person giving it to you or freeze it rite away and on the day of your test thaw it out and use it. It can also be microrwaved for about 12 seconds, and remember the midle part of anyones urine stream is the cleanest so always get that.

  186. Thanks for the clarification. For the record, I failed using a QF with the uric acid balls, early run of the CAN version I think.

    Do you know of any powdered urine (testclear maybe) that would pass an OR metrolab test? I’ve been doing the real thing, but my source is leaving so would like to find a viable sub to keep on hand.

  187. quickfixuser2013 says:

    I recently purchased my Quick Fix Plus Formula 5.7-1 via (I believe they acquire batches from, spectrum labs?).

    Either way, I have a potential urine test coming up should I pass my interview on Tuesday.
    This is for a job in Orange County, New York. It’s labeled as ‘BATCH P12K-12′.

    While that is not listed in potential ‘counterfeit’ batches on the market that I’ve seen…. I am just double checking if this is from a legitimate batch? I don’t know what lab this employer uses but all I’ll say is that it’s for a warehouse position in Orange County, NY. I appreciate the knowledge I’ve gathered from this forum; thanks for all the information thus far.

  188. I just found out yesterday at my job that I passed!!!!!! I’ve never done anything like this before, so I was extremely skeptical. Well it worked! Thank you so, so much quick fix. You saved my life.

    • Cool stuff and thanks for the reply on the forum, it is important people see it works in real labs for real people! Thanks again Amy.

  189. Hey, just wondering if my Formula 5.7-1 batch P12K-12 will be good to go for a personal test in New York state. I realize an earlier post stated that Western New York should be covered…. does Quick Fix work with all labs in the [Greater] New York area? Specifically – Orange County, NY. Thanks.

    • Yes batch looks good but not sure about “mystoresupplier” I would buy from or us in the future. As far as labs in NY quick Fix 5.7 will work at every lab in that state guaranteed so take a deep breath because your going to pass trust me. ADMIN

  190. What form of quick fix do I need to pass a lab urine test in NJ. It’s a union job so it’s a top notch test. Please tell me the proper one to buy. Thanks.

  191. Hey Admin,

    I recieved my QF 5.7-1 a few days ago. I already subbed the urine. My question is, have you seen any problems with Batch number “batch canada-111212-1″. Colorado is the state and the MRO is in PA.

  192. I just recieved my quick fix formula 5.7 1 will work for me correct ?

  193. I live in Oklahoma and need to pass a urine test on Monday. Which version should I use? Does OK test for Uric acid? So worried about this.

  194. So I dropped a specimen at lab corp for a 10 panel drug test and etg this will work right, the Urine quick fix?

  195. Will normal work in Indiana? I also got the strap for myself. How does that work the best?

    • Yes normal will work for sure, the strap is best if you warm the bottle and put it in the strap, we recommend you wear it up as high as possible and face the botlle twoards your growing area, so the urine is on the inside of your thigh close to your junk. ADMIN

    • If you know when your test is you can also put the heating pad inside the strap with the bottle to ensure proper heat, all labs will accept a urine sample between 92-99 degrees as acceptable. ADMIN

  196. Hello. I took my screening today and I’m really nervous since I didn’t check my batch before hand. All I’m looking for is a little peace of mind right now since I’ve been working my new job for a few days now. I used the Quick Fix Plus 5.7-1 Batch P9U-12. I’m in Michigan, but they are sending my sample to NY for testing…this is with Quest Diagnosics. I had the temperature spot on at 98 degrees. Am I good?

  197. Hi ADMIN. Getting tested today. I bought Quickfix Plus 5.7-1 batch P8B-12.
    I live in Las Vegas NV and I’m just concerned about getting caught with synthetic
    pee, I read a post in 2012 about a guy who went to the same lab I’m going to
    American Toxicology, using Quickfix and not passed it. It was posted on a forum
    And some people wanted the report which he never posted. So it’s not too credible.
    Just wondering if you think it’s ok if I come in with the regular QuickFix or do I need the
    Canadian version. If so, do you know anywhere I can get it here? Running on 10 hrs before I
    Get tested. Thanks for the help.

    • Well if you can find the Canadian version use it if not the normal version should work,google head shops and put your zip code behind it and it will pull up head shop this will leave you with a list of all head shops within a 20 mile radius of you. Look for the Canadian version it has a small American flag on the left side of the box where as the normal does not. ADMIN

  198. Im in Utah and I used the canaidian version for a pre employment test that was sent to a lab and passed. I also used the regular quick fix for a random test at my last job. That went to a lab too. I passed both times and now I have a great job. Dont be afraid to try it. The handwarmers work great for keeping it the right temp. Thanks qickfix you guys are making a great product!

    • Hey Jason thanks for the thumbs up we try to tell people but they question it….glad you shared a real experience. ADMIN

  199. worriedinindiana says:

    I have never used quickfix i am wondering what kind i would need to get for a probation test i do believe it is 12 panel in marion county indiana (indianapolis) probation dept? Please help asap, my test is tmrw!

  200. Jonathan says:

    I’m thinking about ordering Quick FIx and have a test at labcorp in Pennsylvania, will I pass a lab test, I have two buddies who used it several time with a dipstick but will it beat labcorp test?

  201. Hi, I just bought quick fix plus today. Was just wondering if I’m okay with the regular version here in Florida or am I screwed? Thanks

    • Also, how can I tell if I got ripped off with an expired product? I couldn’t find an expiration date.

    • Regular version will deff work in FL, as far as the experation date it’s good for two years from the date of manufacturing. Please send me your batch number located on the directions inside your box and I will tell you how old it is. admin

      • Awesome!

        The batch number is: P8V-12
        Not sure if this matters, but the US Patent number is: 7,192,776

  202. Hello,
    Testing on Monday in Los Angeles CA. Bought QF Plus 5.7-1 @ local head shop, after reading this thread wondering whether I should have the Canadian version instead? If so can I buy directly from Spectrum Labs? Have no idea what lab they use or what panel. Screen is for pre employment at a hospital. Have friends who swear by QF regular, should I risk it?

  203. Jonathan says:

    AnotherQuestion I had I bought the newest quick fix plus, but it’s not the Canadian version will this still pass a lab test?

  204. I have a test Monday in Texas. Do I need the Canadian version?

  205. Hey I read on the website that people who purchased the 5.7-1 version should send it in to get a newer version…My test is tomorrow. Will this version still work?

  206. Missouri… 5.7-1 batch pg1-13.. Am I good to go? Not sure where the test will be sent. Also can heat and cool as many times as needed? Not sure when my test is.

    • Batch is good brand new and yes you can heat it and cool it as many time s as needed and it will not effect your sample. ADMIN

  207. new yorker says:

    Batch Canada P11BB-12 I took the test in NYC, on my Donor Copy receipt, it say sample it’s going to MEDTOX Laboratories in St. Paul Minnesota, this is for a DOT Job and it’s been over a week and i have’t heard anything from anyone and i am starting to worry a bit now.
    Admin, do you know anything about that Patch and/or MEDTOX Laboratories in St. Paul ?

    • Well your batch is good made within in the last few months, sometimes these things take time and no news in not bad news, give it a few more days and you should receive your passing results. ADMIN

    • new yorker says:

      worked great, totally passed the DOT test :)

  208. Batch P3Q-12 test was yesterday 3/6, extremely worried
    Please advise

    • No need to worry, your batch is one year old though but this does not matter because Quick Fix 5.7-1 has a 2 year shelf life. What state are you located in just curious? In any circumstance you will be A OK you will pass this lab screen. ADMIN

  209. Kansas, I got the temp right just concerned about the age and if
    It can get thru a DOT screen.

  210. Random test+qf plus=golden! :) wheew!

  211. Nervous says:

    can you use the canadian quick fix without the uric acid crystals? Would i still pass a DT in florida?

    and can i use the uric acid crystals from a canadian quick fix with a regular quick fix later on?

  212. Nicholas says:

    Hey there. I recently got a job opportunity at Trump International in Las Vegas, NV. I took a pre employment urine screening at Quest, the test was 6405N SAP 5-50GC/MS and I know my batch was current and good to go temp wise when i took the test. I did not have the canadian version however, would I have still passed? Its been a week and still no call from trump, should i be concerned?

  213. Good afternoon. I just took a drug test a few hours ago and used Quick Fix Batch P1C-13 i took the test in fl but the paper work says the Dr is in Valencia,CA is that where it gets tested and if so im i going to be all good? See some post about using the Canadian one? Thanks for the help.

    • You should be fine because it is quest diagnostics which is a major lab that is testing for uric acid in CA. I trully believe your good.ADMIN

  214. I used quick fix plus Canadian version with the small vial of powdered uric acid.I added the powder and shook the bottle before use.I got my test results today.I passed with flying colors.However the nurse said my specific gravity was border line too high.She almost made me take the test again.This is while i was still there at the doctors office. Which would have been disastrous due to i used all of my fake pee.Hoping to help out others,I called spectrum labs and let them know about the issue.High specific gravity is from concentrated urine due to dehydration.So if this comes up for you,just tell them you have not had anything to drink for awhile.As usual quick fix did the job. 4th time now for me.Thank you spectrum labs.You are the greatest….

  215. Nicholas says:

    Hi there, i recently tested with quick fix plus at quest diagnostics in las vegas
    I know when i took it that my temp and batch was good

  216. Hey it’s me again. I posted on here March 7th with some questions. Just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I passed the drug test and got the job, orientation is on Saturday. Thanks QF and awesome Admin(s)!!

    • Cool thanks for the response we really appreciate real stories from real people..Good luck with your job and work hard! ADMIN

  217. I recently just bought QF batch# P1D-13 have test in Illinois next week should I be ok ?


  218. Just received my Quick Fix Plus – Batch Canada P1BB-13. Just want to verify this batch is good to go in Southern California. By the way, any specific lab I should avoid to increase my chances of a successful test? I heard that they are testing for synthetics in California. Will I be good to go with my Quick Fix purchase mentioned above? Thanks in advanced Admin!

  219. Getting ready for test in couple days have used quick fix before worked every time but haven’t used in yrs is it still safe this is for dot test

  220. I have bought Quick Fix Plus Batch # P11M-12. Is this a good batch for Florida. I am stressing. Have test in morning and been testing temp range all night. Just want to make sure the batch is good. Thanks in advance.

  221. Testing in CA soon. I just received my Quick Fix Plus and I noticed the Uric Acid still needs to be added with the small vial. I just purchased this in March on your website, I thought the Uric Acid was pre-mixed now. What gives? Batch CanadaP1BB-13

    • John the manufacturer has went back to the old style of adding the uric acid and this is how it is made now…so we are in the same boat as you but they are the professionals so just trust it in either fashion and you will pass. The batch you have is new and is good for another 22 months!

  222. I recently found out I’m going to be laid off of work. I’m looking for a new job and i have a box of Quick fix plus unopened from where i bought it about a year ago off my friend. It has been stored under the bathroom sink cabinet this whole time is it still good or should i store it in the fridge or somewhere cool?

  223. Have test tomorrow dot have a new quick fix 5.7-1 batch #P1NNN-13. Test Missouri. Shows going to advanced toxicology network Memphis tn…… Mro some doc Salt Lake City …………….. Thx for any help

  224. Question: I have a potential test coming up. The test will almost certainly be done in Massachusetts, but it’s for a job in Colorado, where they’re supposedly testing for uric acid in some labs. Which version should I go with? Will the version with uric acid still pass in Massachusetts?

  225. I just bought quick fix online and have been reading about this uric acid test? I live in WA state.. Where
    Of course maryjane is now legal, but in going to have to take a drug test for a job I’m applying for.. Does WA test for uric acid?

  226. Help me out real quick if I’m in awaiting room for a long time weres the best spot to hold it so that it stays warm enough?

  227. Just bought a bottle of Canadian QF 5.7-1 from Did 2 day shipping and it should be here Monday (3-25-13). I live in Colorado and I am testing using the ecup. Anything I should be aware of? I have used QF in the past but this is a major job opportunity for me, and I’m pretty anxious. Any thoughts ADMIN?

    • I guarantee you you are going to pass an e cup with Canadain Quick Fix 5.7 so follow the directions and post back your passing results please. ADMIN

      • Thanks ADMIN. I will come back on Monday to verify the batch number. I already have a bottle of quickfix 5.7-1 but it is not the Canadian version. Just clarify I do need the Canadian version in Colorado right?

        • It is highly recommended. admin

          • I received my Canadian Quickfix Plus 5.7-1 . The batch number is: “Batch Canada P1GG-13″. Weird as it still comes with the vial of uric acid instead of being pre-mixed. Just a safe check is this batch still safe to use? Please advise ADMIN. I will update you all on my results (should be Thursday or Friday).

          • So I took the test yesterday. Waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes. I poured the QF into the cup got sign off on temp. It was put into two vials with one being shipped out to the lab. I am assuming I will have to wait at least a week (with no phone calls) before I can say I successfully passed?

  228. So I bought the QF Canadian version w the uric acid.
    Before testing I followed the directions (simple) ! When I went to
    Test the temp was right on point!
    My question is, the testing is done by Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) based out of
    Lenexa, Kansas. But the test was performed in SoCal , Pasadena Ca to be exact.
    I’m stressed because I haven’t seen any reviews dealing with
    CRL and it was a P711 screening….

    • You should pass this test, p711 is a basic standard screening and that lab is not looking for uric acid. What was the batch number of your Quick Fix? ADMIN

  229. It had a green instructional paper Batch Canada P1EE-13
    Inside the box was an S

  230. Any idea what labs in Portland Or test for quick fix? I have heard Portland is starting to test for synthetic urine and people are getting caught using fake pee because they are testing for other chemicals as well. I have a job screen soon and am not clean and debating on wether to use quick fix or someone else urine? Any help? Thanks by the way.

  231. I just bought QF plus 5.7-1 batch number P11E-12. I live in Orange County ca, and I’m not sure which lab I will be testing at but my test is tomorrow, do you think I will be fine or do I need to go buy a different type??

  232. Boston, MA ?? i have the QF PLUS 5.7-1…do i need the version with uric acid

  233. Steve Norm says:

    I took my test today. It was an ecup/escreen in TX. i used Quick Fix Plus Batch P1C-13 Formula 5.7-1
    I didn’t really shake the bottle after heating, but there was no sign of settling. temp was great and i’m just hella nervous. Is my state one that tests for uric acid?

  234. Does Quick Fix work in Utah? Do you need the Canadian version? Thanks

  235. I just bought the regular quick fix version not the plus and I’m testing in pa. Will this work?

  236. Honestly I didn’t think it would work. BAM it worked! Had to run to the gas station to microwave it for 10 seconds first. The tempurature strip was black because i heated it a little too much. Then the temp dropped to 96 really quick so i taped the heat pack on and crotched it hard. My suggestion is bust the heat pack out early so it has time to get some heat going. I was worried cuz I busted the heat pack out only 30 minutes prior but the gas station was key.

  237. Just got the GREAT NEWS THAT I PASSED!!!!
    Thank you Quick Fix. It’s a major step in my career.

    • That is great and we appreciate your response, I try to re assure people that it works and people like you help me get the truth out there. ADMIN

  238. hey there admin,

    took a pre-employ screen yesterday in michigan, however the paperwork lists the MRO in Houston. I used QF Canadian however this is being administrated thru an outfit known as DISA and they are a third party admin for Oil & Gas, Construction etc industries. Once you fail with them you are blacklisted on their network of companies and have to do all kinds of stuff (and pay them $550) to even be able to test thru them again. A gentleman claims he did everything perfectly with QF canadian and it came back “inconclusive” with abnormal creatinine levels (this guy even posted all his emails from the company ( ) and its got a brother shakin in his boots!! The paperwork and pee cup all had quest diagnostics written all over them so i am not sure if Quest does the actual testing for them or they are just a courier and DISA tests them down in TX. Everything went w/o a hitch, however like everyone here I am sweatin bullets wondering if these folks are gonna somehow bust me and, like the other guy, demand an observed collection immediately which I am not sure I can pass. Can you pls look into this whole mess a little bit and get back to me with anything you can share? You are a wealth of information and even Spectrum Labs seemed to know very little about what I was talking about. Thanks in advance

  239. I’m from Portland and I can get tested at LabCorp or Quest, which should I go to?
    I got QuickFix Batch Canada F3F-12, and there’s no Uric Acid crystals included. I havn’t found any info on this batch, are the crystals supposed to be included still?

  240. I’m from Portland, Oregon. Should I get tested at Quest or Labcorp?
    I have QuickFix Batch Canada F3F-12 that did not come with Uric Acid. Is that normal?

  241. Had a pre-employment screening at Concentra in MI and they are sending the urine sample to TN. I used Quicfix plus 5.7-1 batch number P11W-12. The temp was good and it was excepting at the collection site. Is this batch good? I’m extremely nervous, never done had to do anything like this before! I really want this job!

  242. I have a test at labcorp in Illinois in I have batch P1D-13 quick fix plus no uric acid will it work ?


  243. Help!

    I’m taking a Urinalysis for a government position tomorrow. I have to get the test done at my local college health clinic in Georgia. Does anyone know if I need the small bottle of uric acid, or should the regular quick fix urine be ok? Also, will the quick fix urine pass a urinalysis if there is more to my test than just the drug test? I’m sketching out, just like almost everyone it seems lol. I dont think I have the Canadian version. Just the 2.0 bottle with heat strip and a heating pad they sent me.

    • The UA is also part of my pre-medical clearance for the job which requires I be out of country for a long time. So they want to make sure I’m physically fit.

      • Well, I just used it. The bottle was over 100 cuz it was chillin in my pocket. I ran some water over it very briefly to help cool. I hope that doesn’t screw me! Will post if I passed or not on here in a few days when I get results.

    • Tim this reply could v ery well be a little late but you do NOT require the Canadian version with uric acis and I guarantee you that it will pass any lab screening in the entire state of GA. They will be checking the ph balance,creatine specific gravity and proteins in the urine and you will ace it. As far as a 2oz bottle that will fill the cup exactally to the line in which they require. Please post your results back so everyone can see the efectivness of the worlds #1 synthetic urine “Quick Fix 5.7″

      • Admin, I passed, but there’s another related problem. Do you have a private email I can send you a more detailed message at? I can be reached at that email if need be.

  244. Monster says:

    Is uric acid required for Philadelphia?

  245. I took a test for seacon in Lafayette la using qf without Uric acid will I pass?

  246. I have a dot drug screen in minnesota, I have a batch of QF plus 5.7-1 am I good to go?

  247. Took my test 6 days ago using Canadian Quickfix (with eScreen and Alere Toxicology out of Louisana) and the results were given to my employer 2 days after the test. The COC form had an MRO on it but I never received a phone call from him or my prospective employer about the results. Is it safe to assume I passed since I never received a phone call from either one? I’m wanting to give notice at my current job, but can’t because I don’t know if I passed!

    • B if you failed they would have told you by now so you passed with the Quick Fix, I recommend you call the new employer and tell them you are egar to start and you know you passsed your urine screen. So in other words when can you start?

      • Great! I already got my start date in my offer letter so I won’t call since I know I passed. Thanks Quickfix and admin… This stuff really works!

  248. Hi I just got a new bottle of quickfix and wanted to make sure the batch hasnt had any bad reports or hasnt failed a test…it batch # P12P-12

    I am taking test at a private lab in MD

    • That is a good batch used by thousands with passing results, it will be good for another 18 months. ADMIN

  249. Will P. says:

    I have to take a test in NY for a bank. I have a box but i think its old, it says formula 4, do i need to buy a new one?

  250. I just had a drug screening at a CareNow in Tx, when I gave the test to the technician there were no bubbles in it at all, but temperature was spot on.
    I flushed the toilet out of habit, and the technician told me that I shouldn’t have. She wrote it on the test form.
    Will I be good?

    • Hmmm well you should be, the urine will come back as clean human urine with no alternants so I think you will be ok. ADMIN

  251. I just bought quick fix plus 5.7-1 I have used before and has worked fine but my question is whats up with the little red vial I have never seen this before and in other QF’S I have used it has never came with a vial before. Instructions say to use the vial, does this apply to me? I live in AZ do I follow instructions and use vial or not?

    • Use the vial it can not hurt it will only help! that vile of salt like crystals is uric acid better known as urea, this is a bye product produced by the human body and found in ALL human urine male and female.

  252. Excited Customer says:

    Is Batch P4R-12 legit and not expired? Just picked it up today and need to know by tomorrow if this will work. Thanks in advance! :P

    • I t was made in April of 2012 well within the shelf life. The batch is confirmed and it will give you satisfactory results.

  253. Update: Passed!

  254. My sample got sent to Quest in NC I think, am I still good to go im stressing hard about this test, this is life changing if I get the job

  255. I had QF plus 5.7-1 batch number P5V-12 thanks for your help

  256. Chad 420 kid says:

    Hey just wanted to say thanks! I used that new Quick Fix 6.0 you shipped me for my DOT test and the shit worked. I was super stressed out about the whole getting the temp rite, but needless to say I just put it in my underwear and the temp was perfect. Thanks again for the fast shipping and I will be buying more soon….real sooon lol Chad.

    • No worries and thanks for the order. Remember the new 6.0 now has pre mixed uric acid so no need to go back to the old mix it your self version.

  257. HI I am walking into a test right now at Convenient Care LLC in elkridge md.
    the bottle I have has passed a test from Friends Labratory in Baltimore, was wondering if it will pass the test at this lab too? Itdoesnt have uric acid


    • the quick fix passed about 6-7 months ago. is that enough time for it to go bad?? been stored in a dark and room temp location.

  258. I bought two boxes Neither one says Canadian on it. how can I make sure that I bought the right one?

  259. There will be an American flag on the lrft side of the box and the instructions will say batch Canada in the inside.It is very important you have the proper version that coomes with a small vile of uric acid.ADMIN

  260. Thanks, I think I got the right one. I’ll let you guys know what happens in the up coming weeks.

    One last question. Admin how much do you trust this product? Would you be willing to put your reputation, carrier, life and/or future on the line? Since by asking us to trust you with this product, that is essentially what we are doing – putting our futures in your hands and this product.

  261. You will be fine!ADMIN

  262. Thanks, I talked to a Chris on the phone and I agree with you. I will be ordering in the next few minutes, please send the order haste…heh.
    Also I read that the nozzle may may make a hissing noise when it sucks air back in. Should I just unscrew the cap and pour it in.
    Where is the best place to keep it when walking in the testing facility?
    Also do I add the uric acid to the QF immediately or the day of testing?
    so many questions!!!

  263. So I don’t need the Canadian version?

  264. No the regular version 5.7-1 will work and you will pass your test. ADMIN

  265. Can’t you just heat it in the MW to the desired 98 and then put the heat pad on it ?

  266. Yes you can, put it in the microwave for 12 seconds and shake it and the temp will register immediately. ADMIN

  267. This guy either had a bad or counterfit batch, when using Quick Fix urine like anything else it has an experation date so if it goes bad the creatine levels will fall below the norm and you will fail so based on this guys claim he needs to provide more information because Quick Fix 5.7 works everyday across America. Based on what you told me batch and all I believe you will pass as your product is only 6 months old. ADMIN

  268. Kriss Kross says:

    OK well I went ahead and purchased QF Plus Canadian version, will this for sure pass in LA? Cant afford to leave it to chance. Any special instructions? Do you recommend shaking? Also, where can U buy extra heating pads if the test is done a different day than anticipated? Can the fake pee be reheated?

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