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You can buy fake pee for many uses in place of natural human pee. Our fake pee is 100% science engineered to mimic the natural characteristics of human urine. Now it's easy to be a science whiz when you buy fake pee from us!

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Our Fake Pee is 100% genuine Quick Fix the #1 trusted synthetic urine for years!

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Quick Fix fake pee is engineered to mimic characteristics of natural human urine including pH balance and creatine levels found in the real stuff!

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We're happy to announce we now supply Canadian Quick Fix and Canadian Quick Fix Plus for those of you who have a test screening for Uric Acid.
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synthetic urine for girls to pass a drug test

synthetic urine for girls to pass a drug testMany people may have heard of synthetic urine, but girls aren't sure how it may work for them.  The compound is a mixture of uric acid, specific gravity, creatine and other ingredients.  The liquid has also been balanced for pH consistency, which will help it appear like real urine.  Many people will want to try out the new Quick Fix 6.0 product, which is one of the most realistic synthetic urine varieties available on the market.  It may be appealing to some women, because it has a variety of uses for them specifically.  A number of them may want to read more about the benefits they could expect the get when they try this product for themselves. First, they should take a look at the packaging and understand how they [more]

Can labs detect synthetic urine

Can labs detect synthetic urineCan Labs Detect Synthetic Urine   Many people might be wondering if they can use a synthetic urine substance to pass a drug test.  You will want to know whether there is a product that won't be detected by lab results that analyze your urine.  Quick Fix Urine is a company that is dedicated to creating the most effective synthetic urine that is out on the market today.  They have recently created the Quick Fix 6.0, which is their newest composite yet.  This is a mixture of uric acid, creatine, specific gravity and other chemicals.  It has been tested to help make sure that it is toxin free and will help anyone pass a drug test. You may first be curious about what is included when you buy Quick Fix [more]

Fake pee reviews

Fake pee reviews If you are looking for fake pee or fake pee reviews it's best you go to a name that can be trusted with Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.0. It is the most popular fake pee on the web and is the only one I trust. This stuff is the real deal with proper coloring, ingredients, and it bubbles just like human pee. The temperature meter on the side ensures proper temperature readings at the lab. And the price on this stuff is amazing, especially when it gets you, or keeps, that great job you have been waiting for. I have had several friends use Quick Fix 5.7 and never have heard of anyone failing. As a matter of fact, I have a friend who keeps a package of this [more]

Quick Fix urine reviews 2014

Quick Fix urine reviews 2014Well in case you have been living in the stone ages there has been a scientific breakthrough in pre-employment screening. Synthetic urine i.e. Quick Fix 6.0 is a patented fake pee created by a lab in Cincinnati OH, named Spectrum Labs. If this name sounds a little familiar it does for good reason. Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 5.7 and newer updated  6.0 has been mentioned on many forums online such as and High times magazine as the grace of gods for fellow pot smokers abroad. With many doubts in the research world on whether or not this stuff really works we decided to put it to the test ourselves. Now please keep in mind pass or fail we will still be working to help better educate [more]

Does Quick Fix work? New Quick Fix 6.0

Does Quick Fix work?   Quick Fix absolutely works!  Quick Fix 6.0 is one of the most popular unisex synthetic urine systems in the world because of its chemical make-up and the reliable company that produces it.  Spectrum Labs produces no-nonsense synthetic urine formulations ideal for pre-employment screenings and other general tests which are urine-centered. The most common test that unisex Quick Fix 6.0 synthetic urine is formulate to fool is the nicotine screen.  Many employers don't care personally if an employee uses tobacco or not, but their insurance companies do.  The more nicotine users on a company's staff, the higher company insurance rates will rise.  As an unspoken rule, smokers and tobacco users, when all other elements are equal, are the first to be passed up for certain positions.  [more]

Urine drug test products that work $29.99

Urine drug test products that work $29.99If your afraid that your not going to pass your drug test, you should think about getting QuickFix 5.7 oz. People who are addicted to drugs should really get clean from drug addiction; however, sometimes it's possible to get a false positive on your drug test. If this happens, you will not be able to get the job that you wanted. Our company is glad that you would take the time to get a job, so we will help you pass the drug test. The answer to this solution is to invest in the QuickFix 5.7 oz bottle. There are several benefits to going with this solution. First of all, it comes a small bottle. You can easily put the bottle in your pocket, so nobody can [more]

Synthetic pee does it really work?

Synthetic pee does it really work?With the current drug test mandate always changing many people ask the important question synthetic pee does it work? synthetic urine has been around for nine years now and many people have begun to question and it's ability to be effective in a lab setting. Synthetic pee comes in a various of brand names and sizes enough to completely confuse a first time user. Here at we specialize in one synthetic urine brand that everyone has heard of and their is a good reason why. Quick Fix 5.7 produced by the famous Spectrum labs is the only synthetic pee that we carry and know for fact based upon our own clinical research is prov-en to work. To point out a few important things other than the [more]

Canadian Quick Fix urine $29.99

Canadian Quick Fix urine $29.99If you have an upcoming screen and your wondering what all the talk is about Canadian Quick Fix urine we are here to clear up the facts on this version of synthetic urine by Urineluck. Quick Fix is a laboratory grade fake pee produced in a laboratory setting to manufacture the highest grade synthetic urine available across the US. Quick Fix 5.7-1 comes in two convenient sizes and is feasible for both male and female users. Synthetic urine such as Quick Fix come standard with the following human like traits to ensure your synthetic urine is completely undetectable. Creatine,PH balance,specific gravity,and color these are the basic things a lab will look at when analyzing your urine specimen to ensure it meets human like requirements. Quick Fix first [more]

Quick Fix urine

Quick Fix urine Most people use recreational drugs at some point and time. When a random drug screen or a new job requires testing, this can be a problem.  It’s not uncommon for people to get a prescription medication from a friend for a headache or other ailment, but this can mean failing that unwelcomed drug test.  Thankfully, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the answer to most people’s dilemma. This product comes with a 200% guarantee and it can help anyone pass the test. So what makes Quick Fix different than other brands on the market?  This fake urine is easy to conceal and can fool even the toughest drug test. It comes in a convenient 2 or 3oz plus size, which is the perfect amount required for a drug screen. [more]

Number 1 Fake Urine

Number 1 Fake UrineThe number 1 fake urine is Quick Fix synthetic urine.  The ingredients in Quick Fix are the most identical ingredients that you can get from a fake urine.  The pH balance and specific gravity all mimic actual human urine.  Quick fix has been voted the #1 fake urine many times on websites and forums but the best way to see is to try it for yourself.  Once you use Quick Fix you will never try another fake urine kit again. There are a few different types of Quick fix urine but you can decide which one is the number 1 fake urine for you.  Each different type of Quick Fix has their own special traits and may or may not be the best for each individual situation.  It [more]

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